Northside Family Medicine, PC is now  part of Exempla Healthcare at Exempla Northwest Center 12169 Sheridan Blvd Broomfield, CO 80020 (303) 603-9400  Fax (303) 603-9420

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Welcome to Northside Family Medicine, PC! We are excited to now be a part of Exempla Healthcare, Inc. at Exempla Northwest Medical Center.
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We have joined Exempla Healthcare!
We are excited to announce that Dr. Tim Lewan and Erika Banka, PA-C, has joined the Exempla Physician Network (EPN) effective January 1, 2014. For 10 years Northside Family Medicine, PC has enjoyed caring for you, your family, friends and neighbors. After much deliberation on how to balance family life along with the increased complexities of the business of medicine, we’ve decided to make a change that will enable us to focus more on patient health and wellness care. Northside Family Medicine will be joining Dr. Matt Leibentritt, Dr. Karen Johnson, and Dr. L. Marcela Serrano at the Exempla Northwest Medical Center, located at 12169 Sheridan Drive in Broomfield. We are very excited to care for our patients within a practice that has served the community for more than 20 years, in a new facility! If you have further questions on this new and exciting information please call us at our new location.  Please click here for more information on the new clinic.

Dr. Tim Lewan and his family

What sets us apart      
We do our best to take care of your urgent needs and can now offer you same day appointments on regular business days for office.  Now at Exempla Northwest Center we have same day Saturday appointments and on site blood draw capabilities and X-rays.  We do our best to get you timely answers and strive to offer comprehensive medical care. We care about your costs, tend to spend more time with you than most other practices as Erika and Dr. Tim Lewan offer 30 minute appointments for scheduled appointments (unfortunately we can't do this with same day appointments).  We try to inform you about cheaper medication alternatives and let you choose your course of action for your medical care. In addition, we try to address multiple issues at each visit.  Unless we are working you into the schedule with a same day appointment, we won't just address your cold symptoms or hypertension but will talk to you about your foot pain or snoring problem as well. Then, because we often talk about several things in a visit we summarize what needs to be done on a personalized handout for you that you can review after you leave the office.  Each patient gets information designed for their visit.  For example, for those with blood pressure issues patients will get information about what the blood pressure readings should be, for our pediatric patients what things to expect as they grow, when to go for labs, what medications you should be taking, when to follow up and other tips such as diet and exercise recommendations. 

Proof of the quality of care
Dr. Lewan has been certified from NCQA for the high quality of diabetes care he provides since 2008.  He has also received NCQA certification for high quality heart and stroke patient care.  

Study Supports Importance of Regular Follow-up.
A recent study just showed how regular and shorter followup times helped diabetics acheive control of their blood pressure nearly 10x faster than those who had followup that was spaced out farther. The study looked at over 5000 people over a 5 year period and saw that people who had a follow up appointment at 1 month or less were able to reach good blood pressure control in 1.5 months on average compared to the 12.2 months it took for patients who had follow-up periods that were more than a month.
1. Hypertension, [online] May 24, 2010.

Our Scope of Practice
We treat patients from newborns to adults(from pediatrics to geriatrics). Our Family Practice enjoys caring for problems such as ankle sprains, colds, skin lesion removals, moles and warts as well as chronic problems like depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, heart conditions, emphysema, asthma and hypertension. We also offer physicals for all ages including and review important preventive care such as skin cancer screenings, and well woman exams. This is far from a complete list so please call the office for further information. Or you can take a look at the main exempla website by clicking here.

Hours and Location

We offer same day appointments on days with regular business hours. We are located right between King Soopers and Home Depot on the Northwest corner of 120th and Sheridan at 12169 Sheridan Blvd. Broomfield, CO 80020. Our normal hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6PM and Saturdays 8AM to 4PM.  Please call us for details.  Our office conveniently serves Westminster, Thornton, Broomfield,  Northglenn,  Commerce City, and Denver. Hours of operation may vary so please call to confirm at (303)603-9400.

Contacting our office 
We apologize for the inconvenience but our online scheduling is no longer available.  You can call us any time and if it is not during our normal office hours please speak to the answering service at 
(303) 603-9400 and we will do our best to call you back as soon as possible. 

Insurances we accept
To receive the most up to date list of insurances it would be best to call us at 303-603-9400 or check out the Exempla website here.

No more waits at the Pharmacy! (At least not due to a paper prescription) 
We can now send almost all of your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice. So by the time you leave our office and get to the pharmacy your prescription should hopefully be filled. Another way to cut down on our paper use as well!  

Study Supports Family Physicians as the most cost-effective care source over Internists and Subspecialists.
In a recent study of a March/April 2009 issue of Health Affairs a study looking at care costs for 3 years from 2001 to 2004 were analyzed. The analysis found that the average cost of receiving their primary care from a general internist cost an average of $1201 more than seeing a family physician. While seeing a subspecialist as their primary care source lets to an average cost of $1430 more than seeing a Family Physician.  It also found that the cost spent on other medical services and prescription drug costs were lower for patients who used family physicians. 1.
1. American Family Physician, p. 733, vol 70, number 9.

Erika Banka, PA-C

Why Primary Care?
Recent studies continue to support the importance of regular follow up with a primary care doctor to provide the highest quality of care.  Choosing to just see a dermatologist for a skin issue and then the GI doctor for diarrhea without ever seeing the primary care provider often ends up providing an overall lower quality of care. Having a primary care provider to coordinate your care and be the first stop for most issues has been proven to be a better model of care.  A 2008 World Health Organization study on primary healthcare supports this showing that countries that "invest in comprehensive primary care systems have better health outcomes, patient satisfaction and uptake of preventive services, and lower mortality."2  When was the last time you saw your primary care provider to keep up on regular physicals and make sure your provider was up to date on all of your medical issues?

2. Rabin, David et. al Decreasing Self Perceived Health Status Despite Rising Health Expenditures American Family Physician 9/1/09, 80(3): 427)

Care Philosophy
We believe in trying to treat all aspects of health and focus on preventing problems before they happen. Our job is to be a guide in your healthcare. We provide you the information about your conditions and your options but ultimately you are the one to make the decisions about your health.



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